The Isle of Wight’s ONLY sustainable interior designer

Unless a product is eco-friendly, then I won’t touch it!

My ethos at Ziboh Interiors is the creation of beautiful, functional home interiors with a strong commitment to sustainability. My mission is to transform living and working environments by integrating eco-friendly practices and materials, ensuring that each project not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also contributes positively to the environment.

Furthermore, I believe a sustainable interior needs to focus on happiness, health and well-being too.

As people grow ever more aware of the negative impact humans are having on our planet, discerning clients are demanding sustainable choices for their homes. All the products I offer, from curtains to furniture, are responsibly sourced and manufactured.

We do not subscribe to greenwashing and will guide you around it.

A sustainable interior can still look luxurious; it’s about how you get there that matters. Ziboh Interiors provides timeless interiors that focus on quality rather than fashion trends, using responsibly sourced and ethically manufactured materials. I also encourage giving a new lease of life to something that was pre-owned.

“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.”

Anna Lappé

Our services

A classically styled drawing room decorated in olive green
© Ziboh Interiors Ltd

Residential Interiors

Close up of a vase of flowers with grey shaker kitchen beyond
© Ziboh Interiors

House Doctoring

Helping you to present your house so that prospective buyers can imagine your home being theirs.

European linen fabrics in coastal tones of blue and natural
© Ian Mankin Ltd

Holiday Homes

Combining style and function to create a relaxing sanctuary for your second home or airbnb rental.

People selecting wall tiling for a room
© Pexels Karolina Grabowska

Personal Shopping

Study with a tartan sofa and walnut desk
© Ziboh Interiors Ltd


Responsibly sourced showhouse interiors for developers building sustainable new homes.

Solid ash shaker kitchen with centre island painted in light grey and wall units painted in mid blue
© East Coast Fittings

Kitchen Upgrades

Update your tired kitchen with made-to-measure replacement doors and drawer fronts.


A masculine feeling bedroom with velvet cushions and a grasscloth wallcovering
The eco-friendly wallpapers you should be buying

Given the vast choice of wallpapers on the market, which ones are eco-friendly?

Green linen fabrics
Eco-friendly fabrics

Textile manufacturing is the second-largest water-polluting industry in the world, after agriculture…

A display of some cushions, an old green cupboard and a rattan lantern
Using antiques in a modern interior

Old books sat against a blue white wallpaper
Wallpapers are not made from paper

The word 'wallpaper' is a misnomer, and fools people into assuming wallpaper is made from paper. In …

Close up of a zip in a pair of jeans
Fabrics – what to avoid

Most of us take fabric for granted. What I mean by that, is what fibres make up a yarn. Particularly…

Fabric swatches and a selection of curtain poles with glass finials

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